About company


For 10 years, our Company «Project Design NS» has been successfully designing facilities that fully comply with all building codes and regulations, as well as modern safety and environmental requirements. We guarantee the development of design and engineering features of the object, careful calculations, compliance with legal subtleties in ready-made solutions.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of designers, architects and engineers provide comprehensive design services. We are approached by clients who want to get a professional and cost-effective project that is attractive to end users.

In the course of the development of the company, its areas of activity and production capabilities are constantly expanding. We are not limited to the presented list of types of design work and, based on the results of negotiations with clients, we can offer our services in related sections of design production.


The team of our company includes a sufficient number of experienced specialists in each profile area.

The staff employs graduates of the country’s leading construction universities, many employees have experience in the largest design companies, some have PhD degrees in technical sciences.

An important advantage of the company’s workforce is the continuity of activities: considering each specific task, we have the opportunity to look at it from different professional points of view. Such a multidisciplinary approach allows our specialists to initially correctly determine the degree of complexity of the task and offer the optimal sequence of actions to solve it.

Labor relations in the team are formed by many years of cooperation. Today, it can be said without exaggeration that the company employs people with extensive professional experience and wide opportunities, not only at the individual level, but also as part of a well-coordinated team.

We are confident that by contacting our design company «Project Design NS», you will be satisfied with our professional work and will contact us many more times in the future!

Nur-Sultan, Abay Avenue, 78, N.P.1, office 204