Design and Detailed engineering of buildings

We provide services for the design and detailed engineering of buildings and structures of any purpose and complexity!

Design cost calculation

General information

The design of buildings and structures is a multi-stage and labor-intensive process that allows you to choose the best design and architectural solutions. The successful result of the construction and serviceability of the future facility largely depends on how correctly this task is performed. In this regard, we advise you to choose us, qualified professionals, for such responsible work.

The company «Project Design NS» can develop a unique proposal «from scratch», fully considering your goals, requirements and means. Before starting work, our specialists will analyze all aspects that affect the construction of facilities (terrain conditions, topographic data, economic factors, etc.). This analysis will allow you to choose the best options for a particular structure, allowing you to avoid unnecessary financial costs and serious errors.

All works are carried out taking into account modern construction technologies, using effective design solutions and high-quality materials that provide the building with the highest performance and reliability, giving a modern and aesthetic appearance.


Design of housing estates

Design of houses and cottages

Design of office centers

Design of retail spaces

Design of cafes and restaurants

Design of hospitals and polyclinics

Design of sports facilities

Design of hotels and inns

Design of schools and educational institutions

Design of Plants and factories

Design of roads and streets

Design of warehouses and storages

Design of internal and external utility networks

Design of mining farms

Design of solar and wind power plants

Design of agricultural facilities

Our advantages

Expert team

Our staff of experienced employees allows us to provide high quality and speed of execution at all stages of work

Result guarantee

100% of our projects are reviewed and approved

Affordable prices

The cost is below market, for each customer there is an acceptable price

Short time

Due to the large database of proven solutions, we quickly perform design in all sections

Personal approach

We adapt to customer requirements

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